ARMAKADI P.C. is a family company, producing extra virgin olive oil and other olive related products.Our name derives from Armakadia, a small place near Filiatra, Messinia at the Southwest part of the Peloponnese. It’s the place that our family is coming from and also the location of our olive groves.

Our story starts in 1917, when our great grandfather, Athanasios Nikolopoulos, started cultivating our first olive trees. His aim was to cover the yearly family needs for olive oil and sell any surplus to the local market.Each of the following generations continued the cultivation and in 1974, the third generation decided to perform some radical changes regarding the way and the whole philosophy behind cultivation.

The olive groves expanded to near by land owned by the family, and trees that had fulfilled their natural circle of life were replaced with new ones, exclusively of the Koroneiki variety.The cultivation process starts following modern codes of agricultural practises and a team of expert agriculturists are overseeing each step to ensure the high quality of the end product.

As a result, in 1981, Armakadi extra virgin olive oil is born.

In 2010, the fourth generation takes over the family business and take things one step further. They introduced new packaging, using glass bottles, and they designed new, modern labels that represent and reflect the high quality of olive oil. Moreover, they expand the company’s portfolio by adding new products, based on olives.

More than ninety years later from our first ever harvest, our extra virgin olive oil has travelled from Filiatra to every corner of Greece and in countries abroad, exceeding any dream or expectation our great grandfather had. Our vision is to carry on our effort for continuous improvement, investing in every stage of the production, so that each and every product we add to our range is of superior quality, made with eco-friendly methods that respect our tradition and the environment.

With the same pride and passion our ancestors had, we guarantee that any of our products reaching your family table, will give you the taste, rich aromas and nutritional benefits of the Mediterranean diet.