Midday July,
even if there weren’t olive groves
I would have invented them…
(Odysseas Elytis, poet)

The olive tree – the gift of gods to humans. A source of life, associated with the Mediterranean light.
It is the symbol of peace, wisdom, victory, fertility and longevity.
The juice of its fruits valuable, with many beneficial attributes to our well being.
For us Greeks, olive oil is more than just an ingredient in our kitchen – it is our tradition, our myths, our stories, our memories, the smell and taste of our lives.
Therefore, we wanted to create an extra virgin olive oil that would capture all that taste and aromas from that midday July walking around the olive grove…
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Tradition Before Business

An extra virgin olive oil of premium quality, made exclusively from olives of organic farming. 
The fruit has matured on the tree and it has been processed on the same day the olives are harvested, strictly by mechanical means, in low temperature conditions. 

The organic extra virgin olive oil ARMAKADI, is certified by an official inspection and certification organization (BIO HELLAS), which carries out regular inspections at all stages of production and bottling. The process of production of organic olive oil, is governed by strict rules and practices that have to do with fertilization, disease control and pruning.

The Organic extra virgin olive oil ARMAKADI, has low acidity levels, a deep green colour and a velvety touch in the mouth. It has a mild, fruity aroma and a slightly peppery aftertaste. It can be used for cooking and baking, drizzled on salads, as part of a dressing, on roasted meats, grilled vegetables and of course as a dip on its own. Add it on just anything and enjoy its rich, smooth and delightful flavour!

It is an olive oil with high nutritional value that offers all the beneficial attributes of organic extra virgin olive oil.
It is available in white glass bottles of  500ml.

our early harvested

Armakadi EVOO Early Harvest

An extra virgin olive oil, with high nutritional value, made exclusively from olives of the Koroneiki variety.  

The unripe fruit is harvested early October and it has been processed on the same day the olives are harvested, strictly by mechanical means and by cold process in temperatures that don’t surpass 27 ° C. 

The early harvest extra virgin olive oil we produce, has low acidity levels, is rich in polyphenols and has a deep green color. It has a mild, fruity aroma, and is distinguished by its slightly bitter taste and its spicy after taste.It can be used for cooking, in fresh salads, as part of a dressing and it is ideal for direct consumption. 

It is an olive oil with high nutritional value and beneficial properties for the body , primarily due to the increased number of polyphenols , which fight against  cholesterol .

It is available in dark, glass bottles of 500ml.

Our Process of Olive Oil Making

Olive trees are by nature a hardy, tough plant that can grow in places with low fertility ground or poor conditions. However, in climates such as the Mediterranean, where temperature variations are mild and the sunlight exposure is high, olive trees thrive.In our groves, we have strategically planted the trees to specific locations in order for every tree to get the maximum sunlight exposure, protecting it from cold winter winds and allowing water to get absorbed by the ground naturally, without creating any puddles.

  • Harvesting
  • Crushing and Pressing
  • Fermentation
  • Clarification
  • Bottling

The Famous Koroneiki Variety

The Koroneiki Olives variety was named after the historic town of Koroni, in the Messinia region of the Peloponnese.
Its fruit, ripens between November and December producing olive oil of the highest quality.
Its organoleptic characteristics have ranked it in the extra virgin category of olive oils which is characterized by certain special features:

…exceptionally low acidity,
a deep, bright green color, with a bittersweet taste,
a smooth taste feeling of various fruits with a predominant apple taste…

“ The taste and aromas of this olive oil always make me crave for more ”

Nikos Nikolopoulos
Nikolopoulos Bros

“ There are trees much older than me. This gives me a sense of paying my respects ”

Filimon Nikolopoulos
Nikolopoulos Bros

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ARMAKADI P.C. is a family company, producing extra virgin olive oil and other olive related products.Our name derives from Armakadia, a small place near Filiatra, Messinia at the Southwest part of the Peloponnese. It’s the place that our family is coming from and also the location of our olive groves.

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