“Unload the olives from the tree, so the tree can load you with olive oil”

(popular folk wisdom)

Olive trees are by nature a hardy, tough plant that can grow in places with low fertility ground or poor conditions. However, in climates such as the Mediterranean, where temperature variations are mild and the sunlight exposure is high, olive trees thrive.In our groves, we have strategically planted the trees to specific locations in order for every tree to get the maximum sunlight exposure, protecting it from cold winter winds and allowing water to get absorbed by the ground naturally, without creating any puddles.

Every January, right after the harvest period, we conduct a chemical analysis of the ground, to determine what type and amount of fertilizer we should use, to give the olive trees the appropriate nutrition they need.The fertiliser we use is organic, coming from composted olive leaves that we collect during harvest.


In March, we start the pruning process. Pruning improves the air circulation among the branches, it exposes them to even more sunlight and helps control infestations from pests or diseases.Between October and January, that the fruit is mature, it is time for harvest.Our trained staff carefully collects the olives and places them in linen pokes that allow them to “breathe”.

At the end of each day, we transfer the pokes to the olive pressing unit for same-day processing.

Watering the trees and implementing an irrigation system is a complex procedure. Taking into consideration the terrain of our groves and the amount of water needed by this particular olive cultivar, we have implemented a tailor made system of dripping pipes, to cover our needs.The water goes directly to the roots, without getting in contact with the trunk, therefore protecting it from the development of fungi or other humidity related organisms. To protect our trees from harmful bugs, we have set up specially designed traps that attract the bugs in them, instead of the tree.

Throughout the year, we monitor these traps and renew them as necessary, to ensure that our trees remain healthy and their fruit in tact.