The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  ARMAKADI is a fact!

An extra virgin olive oil of premium quality, made exclusively from Koroneiki olives of organic farming.

The organic extra virgin olive oil ARMAKADI, is certified by an official inspection and certification organization, which carries out regular inspections at all stages of production and bottling.

The process of production of organic olive oil, is governed by strict rules and practices that have to do with fertilization, disease control and pruning.

The Organic extra virgin olive oil ARMAKADI, has low acidity levels, a deep green colour and a velvety touch in the mouth. It has a mild, fruity aroma, moderate bitterness and a slightly peppery aftertaste.

It can be used for cooking and baking, drizzled on salads, as part of a dressing, on roasted meats, grilled vegetables and of course as a dip on its own. Add it on just anything and enjoy its rich, smooth and delightful flavour!

It is an olive oil with high nutritional value that offers all the beneficial attributes of organic extra virgin olive oil.

It is available in white glass bottles of  500ml.